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Adepticon Pre-registration ends on Monday February 29th


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Howdy folks! Just wanted to drop a reminder here that pre-registration for AdeptiCon 2016 ends on Monday. So if you are planning on arriving Wednesday and picking up badges and tickets, you should register before Monday.

Numbers are down a little the year which makes me sad. So, let's talk about the cool things going on this year. 
1) My team has added 4 events this year happening on Thursday. The cake match is is a cake only event this year. We will have open play and demos going on. But Victoria Myer Hrenda has agreed to run two sessions of Enforcer brawl and Justin Dexter has agreed to run two sessions of Henchman Hardcore. Spots are still open for all four events. 
2) Team Tournament is happening again. This time Bret Rice is going to be the TO. Bret has done a great job of breaking the system every year and helping me find weird interactions before the event so I could head those off in the rules packets. I know he will do a great job. I am sure many will be glad to not have to go against him and and his teammate Victor (though I think Victor will find a new teammate). There are tickets available. 
3) Masters has 100 slots to fill. There are still tickets available. This is a qualifier for the NOVA North American Nationals. The winner gets a free ticket to the Nationals. It is an all day event that will test the metal of the players. But you can't be weak and be a Master! 
4) Story Encounter has tickets available. We have fun with this every year. Joe Deheve has taken the reigns of storyteller this year and has some terrifically fun strategies in store for you. Also, Forrest Harris from Knuckleduster Miniatures is once again sculpting an original fig to give to all the story encounter players. I will post more images down the. But here is an image to whet the appetite. We are continuing with the circus theme we began three years ago and the tightrope Walker will be a fun addition to the Dark Carnival crew.
4) the Gaslight Achievement League returns this year as does the costume contest. So plenty of ways to get your Wyrd on. 
5) Wyrd will have a booth at the vendor hall. I have no details yet on what they plan to bring with them. But if I get any info, I will fill everyone in. 
6) Wyrd is a sponsor of the Swag Bag this year. MYSTERY boxes in some and Penny Dreadful in others. 
7) folks from Wyrd (no names confirmed yet) will be in the hall talking Malifaux and hopefully playing games. I know we had a blast hanging out with Aaron and Mason last year. 
8) Wyrd is of course a major sponsor every year for the event prizes and this year is no different. 
9) come play on cool terrain from a bunch of different companies and plan your purchases. Mats By Mars, Angry Mojo, Plastcraft, Knuckleduster, Renaissance, and Paul Piotrowski's kickstarter and Gadzooks Gaming are a few of the companies helping us out by donating terrain. Minisby Zach is also painting up some awesome demo crews for people to get introduced to the game with
10) We will have all the Wyrd games available to try out. So if you have been waiting to get a demo of Darkness Comes Rattling or Puppet wars or the rest, stop by and check out the Hall. Wyrd is also donating a copy of each of their boardgames to the board game open play library. So once you learn to play, you can go check out the game and play a few rounds with the family.

Whew! We have a BUNCH going on. Go get registered!


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