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Okay Wyrd...


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6 hours ago, Verdeloth said:

Bah. Only bad thing is that it so far away.  Where did you read about there release date? 

In the March newsletter (which can be found here): 

They are slated for April.

Really love the look of the Rooster Riders though I still wish the Roosters were somehow "Wyrder". The only real disappointment is that everyone's legs are in the same position and it looks like they might be rather fragile.

The Sow looks beastly and I like her quite a bit. The teats are awesome.

Taxidermy - well, I'm not fond of the packaging and three duplicated sculpts of Stuffed Piglets sucks. Especially since they are so unique. The one stumbling is absolutely adorable, though. And I like the look of the Taxidermists though I don't really see myself using two in a serious game. OTOH maybe I can use them in games against noobs with Mah. Having Story Encounters is a fun bonus.

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Having raised chickens, I'm all about those rooster riders- definitely getting them and painting them in breeds I've raised at some point.

Also, if you want freaky roosters, there's always wyrd's first freaky rooster... thing.

(Oh, and would anyone be interested in splitting a taxidermy set, while we're talking about new releases?)


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