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Adepticon Masters Primer @ Games Plus Mt. Prospect IL - 3/19/16

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M2E Adepticon Masters Primer Event

Date: Saturday - March 19th 2016

Location: Games Plus - 101 W. Prospect Ave Mt. Prospect Illinois, 60056 Phone – (847) 577-9656  http://www.games-plus.com/


Entry Fee: $15 in store purchase of your choice. (that’s right you keep what you buy)

1st Place

– Games Plus Gift Certificate

2nd Place

– Games Plus Gift Certificate

3rd Place

– Games Plus Gift Certificate

Additional Prizes -

16 Player M2E Prize Pack

Certificates for 1st - 3rd places

1st Place Guilder (Poker Chip)

Organizer Guilder (Poker Chip)

15 x Participation Guilders (Poker Chips)

2 x Small Mystery Boxes (random special edition figures)

1 x Large Mystery Box (random special edition figures)

Special Edition Stat Card (stat cards with a different design)

Raffle Prizes: 2x Small Mystery Boxes (random special edition figures) 1x Large Mystery Box (Random special edition figure) 1x Special Edition - Bete Noire - Red Transparent, 1x Special Edition - Miss Ery, 3x Gaining Grounds 2016 Strategy and Scheme decks from the Wargame Vault. 

Painting Rules: Models do not have to be painted for this event but they have to be properly assembled and securely based. This deviation from the Adepticon rules is TO discretion.

Tournament Rules: GG 2016 + Any Additional Adepticon 2016 Rules or Clarifications

Number of Rounds – 4 Rounds

Crew Construction - Single Faction 50 stones

Round Time Limit – 120 minutes includes 15 minute setup

Strategy: Adepticon Masters Mirror

Deployment Type – Adepticon Masters Mirror

Scheme Usage – 2016 GG Schemes, set for each round by the TO on game day.

Scoring – TP/Diff/VP


10:00AM – 11:00AM – Tournament set up and Registration

11:15AM - 1:15PM - Round 1

1:15PM – 1:45PM – Lunch Break - (Food will be provided by the TO) 

1:45PM – 3:45PM - Round 2

4:00PM – 6:00PM - Round 3

6:15PM – 8:15PM – Round 4

8:30PM Awards Presentation



Strategy Selection

Round 1 – Reconnoiter, Flank Deployment

Round 2 – Extraction, Standard Deployment

Round 3 – Collect the Bounty, Close Deployment

Round 4 – Reckoning, Corner Deployment

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9 minutes ago, Dexy said:

I'll be there. I'm excited to see the new prize support!

and hopefully you will win some too! ;)

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19 hours ago, sharpobjects said:

and hopefully you will win some too! ;)

Yeah... thanks... :P


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Thanks to everyone who set aside a huge chunk of their Saturday participating in this 4 round event. The majority of the games were real close and we even had a few tie games. We also had every single faction represented at the tournament. Yes even Ten Thunders!! lol


The results:


1st Place - Victor Szafranski 4-0-0 Gremlins

2nd Place - Joe Deheve 3-1-0 Outcast

3rd Place - John Hartigan 2-1-1 Neverborn


We had some incredible turns by players at the event. John Hartigan facing Kevin from South Bend, Lilith vs. Perdita. It was close deployment and Perdita with her pumped up DF 9 had just killed several of John's Nephilim. Lilith armed with two 13's and the Red Joker dropped her two terrain markers and charged through them to Perdita after using her zero action for +1 damage. Lilith's 3 strikes removed Perdita from the table on turn 1. John also had Nekima on the table as well. I walked away thinking John had that one in the bag only to find out Kevin pulled out a 1 point victory giving John his only defeat of the day. Kudos to Kevin for fighting it out to the bitter end after losing his Master turn 1. Good damage flips from his Austringers lead him to victory. 


My next event will be in June or July. Watch for it!!

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