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Just because ... 2/22/16

Nathan Caroland

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Still a very nice mini. I am really looking forward to seeing what Curtis will do with this one.

As seen on the render, I am surprised the robe did not get more work (wearing and texture) while the feathers got so many details. It creates a small imbalance in the aesthetics.

Was it due to technical constraints related to the injection moulding?


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Love this model overall, would be getting it anyway if it was halfway decent but this is an easy buy. The robe I'm fine with, there are loads of tutorials out there on roughing up the texture in various ways (Tabletop Minions liquid greenstuff comes to mind right away) if you're looking for a rougher look, and I'd rather have to make it rough than have to make it smooth.

The part I havent' decided if I'm liking or not is the belts with the small surgical equipment attached (somehow?) to the underside of the wing. It an interesting embellishment, I just can't help but wonder why those bits don't dangle downward with gravity. Can't be unseen and all that (sorry). I have a feeling that's grow on me as I look at it more, we'll see.

One way or the other, box it up, take my money.

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Man that thing is gorgeous. Too bad I don't play Ressurs. The detail on the feathers and tolls hanging from the belt is fantastic, and I'm excited to see how Curtis and the other great painters around here attack this model.

I'm waiting for Nathan to troll us all and make every single feather a separate piece that has to be glued to the wing in a specific order; otherwise the feathers all pop off and you have to play with a bald crow.

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6 minutes ago, Nathan Caroland said:

Heh ... just might have to now. If I can only figure out how to have him with a surprised look on his face afterwards. 


In that case, just make sure to delete my previous post so I don't become public enemy number one around here! haha

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