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Two malifaux child questions?


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I remember someone mentioning at one point he works very well in a jackdaw crew but they didnt mention why so I wanted opinions on that if posible (as I happen to have a small noose from an old warhammer minature of some form that would be perfect on the little blighter)

Also can Wrath when leading a crossroads 7 crew take a totem like malifaux child?

Seriously how do they not have a roadie totem?D

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I assume they were talking something about using the Just Like You action on the Malifaux Child, but I am not sure how that is beneficial as 1) you are not likely to have the Child far enough forward to do the attacks 2) the child has no curse upgrades to give out (but I don't exactly know how that works out with the curses). 

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Wraith can hire Malifaux child if you are playign Crossroads 7 at 50ss as an outcast, or at least 51 ss as another faction



I think the main use of the child for Jack is to cast twist and turn to turn something else into a tormented model. (1 guilty then means you get 3 tormented models for the game)

That and healing. Plus I can imagine the surprise when the Child "Borrows" Tormented Taelors Relic Hammer for an attack

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