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Molly + Transmortis. Workable?


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So I am thinking about starting Malifaux again. The last time i did this was with a couple of friends who said they were going to start and then dropped off the face of the earth. Now there looks to be an active group in my area and I am thinking about going in again. I would be planning on getting a starter and 1-2 other models or another box total. I know that doesn't allow much for variability but I am comfortable with playing only a few different lists since this is game five or six for me. 

So like the topic says, I love the look of Molly but understand she doesn't play well out of the box for anything but scheme running. If I were to add University Transmortis for a bully or two and summoning would that make Molly playable? I'm fine with shorter answers. The other caster I am eyeing is raspy + december accolyetes or Snowstorm which I understand to be more playable. 

Thanks for any opinions. 

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Molly and Transmortis is certainly a playable set up to 50ss games. You have a range of figures, and those you don't hire you'll be able to summon during the game a little more than just to replace your losses.  As you say, the molly box is full of support and scheme running, so probably needs some form of creditable threat in most games, which the students can provide. 

Assuming you play at 50ss you could be starting  with all but 1 of your models on the table, so you have  almost no ability to adapt crew to mission, but your crew should be able to be able to compete at any mission. 


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