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Demoing Arrangements in Woodbridge NJ


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Generally I hang my gamer hat at The Game Room, but would be able to head to other locations or meet at The Game Room on a non-Saturday to demo if that is an inconvenience.  I say non-Saturday because that day is Reserved for The Game Room.

In the month of March generally Monday's and Friday's I am free.  Other days are possible, but would need to be hashed out over messages.  

..btw.. feel free to message me to arrange a demo if you need one! You can also contact The Game Room.  They generally notify me when somebody is interested in learning the game.

That aside, I am always available on Saturdays at The Game Room at the Woodbridge Mall.

Any changes to this, I will make here, just in case!

The Game Room Store
Located in: Woodbridge Center
Address: 250 Woodbridge Center Dr, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095
Every Saturday we have active Malifaux players playing all day.  I invite you to come by, check out the models, and maybe get a quick demo from me, VermillionSand aka Ray. I'm also available on other days if you speak with the store manager or myself I'm sure we can arrange some fun at your convenience.
Hope to see you on "The Other Side"


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