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Question regarding Manifested Powers, Magical Theories en talents


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The core of the question boils down to this: does using a manifested power count as casting a spell. I think I read all about spells and manifested powers in the books (I have FA, FMA and ITS) and I can't find a definite answer (though I hope I didnt just miss it now ;) )

The reason I need to know is because of magical theories such as the Phenomenological Reflection ( + on all Prestidigitation duels, - on all enchanting, sorcery and necromancy duels, All illusions the character creates last for +1 minute.) in combination with an illusionist with the 'illusions' abiliity (Charm + Prestidigitation).

Or a dabbler with the Oxford Method (Increase the final AP of any spell by 1, the caster gets + on the Casting Duel of any spell with an AP cost of 2 or more.) With a manifested power of 2 AP.

This would also affect the way certain talents do or do not affect the use of manifested powers, such as Arcane Musings (This character removes a single tomes from the TN of any spell he casts)

I hope anyone here can help me :)

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12 minutes ago, turelio115 said:

Thank you! 

Can magical theories (such as the Phenemonological Reflection, considering its phrasing, see my first post) affect Manifested Powers, or are they only ever applied to spells?

Magical Theories tend to specify which parts apply to Spells in their text, so it's mostly just an issue of paying attention to that. If it affects Spells, it will note that if affects Spells (and vice versa for Manifested Powers).


For example, the Court Procedure theory says "The character applies a -2 TN modifier to any Spell that is resisted by Defense. However, the character applies a -2 TN modifier to any Spell that is resisted by Willpower."  The theory clearly states that if affects Spells.


With regards to the Phenemonological Reflection theory, it doesn't specify that it affects Spells; it only grants bonuses to duels, so the bonuses and penalties apply to any duel the character performs with the noted Skills (whether that is casting a Spell, casting a Manifested Power, or even just making  a Prestidigitation duel to argue with someone over magical theory with no actual magical stuff happening at all).

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