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Malifaux WAAC Charity Story Encounter Event, March 12th, Flipside Cafe, Sunderland

Big Ned

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Hi Folks,


The kind owners of Flipside Cafe, Sunderland have let me have use of their cafe on Saturday March 12th to help raise money for WAAC (https://www.justgiving.com/waac)


This will be a 3 round 50ss Story Encounter tournament  for 8 players

But there's a twist...

Each table will have a collection box next to it, and you can pay £1 for a :+fate, or to be able to cheat on a Black Joker.


Entry to this event is free, but due to limited space we have to ask that you send £5 via PayPal (as a gift) to sales@worhamma.com. This will be refunded to you on the day at sign-in. But, due to the limited space in the cafe we have to ensure that everyone who says they are coming will be coming.


The tournament pack will follow shortly with a list of the strategies, including rules for ALL NEW story encounter strategy I have written especially for this event.


The tournament will be held at:-

Flipside Cafe

26b Stockton Road


Tyne & Wear



March 12th, 9:30am

There's all day parking behind the cafe and Park Lane interchange is less than 2 minutes walk from the venue.


Hope to see you there.

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The strategies for the story encounter will be


Round 1: Shindig + Turf war

Round 2: Governor's Charity Auction

Round 3: Jailbreak


The rules for The Governor's Charity Auction are:-


 Masters have been invited to attend the Govenors charity auction where they will offer up the souls of their crew members to charge soulstones to help erm... orphans or something you people seem to care about.


No master wants to be outdone in the bidding so will go to any length to win.




At the start of every turn from Turn 2 onwards, each player will secretly note a non-leader model in their crew currently in play. Only models hired with this crew before the game may be noted.

At the end of the turn the noted model, if still in play, is sacrificed and entered as  that Master's 'bid'


A player will score 1VP for strategy if their sacrificed models soulstone value (inc. Upgrades) was equal to or greater than their opponents bid.

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