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February 15 - Hodgepodge Emissary


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I simply don't understand Hodgepodge Emissary's concept. Others get evolved Effigies (or a Dragon or a weird Scythe-Bull) that all look menacing and look to have the battlefield presence that a 10SS monster should have. They also all mesh somewhat well into their Factions and into the Masters therein.

But then the Outcasts get an old man on a cartoon donkey.

It doesn't seem to fit in with any of the Outcast Masters. It does, arguably, fit together with Aionus in that it is an old man riding something random but other than that it's completely random.

As a model it is actually rather nice, I think. If it wasn't for Malifaux gaming I would like it quite a lot. The largest sack on top is the only part I'm not very fond of.

The other three look good. And certainly very different than I though but in a really good way.

Thank you Dirial! :D 

(Thank you Wyrd as well)

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1 minute ago, apes-ma said:

Haha, I guess that's already been discussed, sorry! I'm pretty new around here... Anyway, the model is rad, I'm excited to get one on my work desk!

It may or may not have been discussed, but Aaron's reply wouldn't change.  He's probably just putting that more as of an indication that you've spotted a connection they (Wyrd staff) may have intended.


Also, I got into this thread, and the first thing I saw was the Angler Fish, and I was like "Did I read the title wrong?"  But then I read the 2 lines of text, and it made more sense :P  I wonder if those things are underwater.  They'd fit in just fine with the creepy things at the bottom of the sea.

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Magical fairies! Cheerful little beings that will play with us and make us laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. I am sure everything will be just fine, as long as you remember to smile.

I really like the Hodgepodge for how very much Outcast it is. The travelling salesman is always a stranger and the model conveys that very well.

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So, let's speculate. First off, it has a M2E logo on it, so I going to take a wild guess and say it's not for through the Breach or another system. I know guys, I'm going here into crazyland...

Since no current release would fit such model I'm taking a wild guess and say nightmare crew. NOOOOW, since we all know that Guild is getting (another) Nightmare Crew, where the 'eff do you see that fit? [taking balnks here] AND much more important, do we have to paint that glowy butt, too, to use them legally in tournaments?

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So I went down the Guild boxes that come with three minions:

The Relic Hunters; The Torch and the Blade and The Guild's Judgement.

Nathan disqualified Perdita, Lucius don't have three minions of a kind in his box and the same guess for Hoffmann and McMourning. Going further;

Lady Justice had once a Dead Justice Crew (Metal) and Wastels had been made Misses... so all points to a Nightmare Sonnia Criid Box and these are Nightmare Witchling Stalkers...

*hangs up random newspaperclips on the wall and connects them with red threads* You just have to read the signs!!

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