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Any experience with Ama No Zako with Ressers?


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I run her is ressers quite a bit, she has no real combo with Kirai except for looking cool but Kirai is also where I like to run her. 

I tend to send her off on her own leaving the kirai bubble to do what it does.

One of the aura upgrades are never a bad call with her unnerving if you want her to hold a position or the other one if you want her to go hunting.

I tend to think of her as a giant gaki and just send he off up the table.

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Honestly, her best use is probably with Jack Daw and Lady Ligeia. You are correct however, she does have excellent synergy with The Drowned thanks to Hazardous Terrain. She can be thrown into a crew as an objective-runner thanks to her mobility. Her has the ability to heal and to do significant damage but, with her average defense she is somewhat of a glass-cannon in melee. In other words she takes damage quickly.

If you decide to run her with Kirai then needless to say it would be wise to take some Drowned as well.

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I've been mulling her and Jakaane in the same list with Kirai. Moreover strats that require things to be central. 2 seperate overlapping Hazardous terrains, with the drowned boost, causing 2/3/5 damage each per turn. In my mind it works a treat. As mentioned above, the paralyse issue for Ama No could be a bonus too. As can Obeying things into the waiting Hanged (you did summon 2 hanged turn 1 didn't you.....) for them to be paralysed (and eaten by Gaki anyone?)

She is obviously a good scheme runner but also a useful scheme runner hunter. She can be fairly effective at tying up a flank.


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