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I have a couple questions around unconsciousness tests are a TN 10 Tenacity and Toughness challenge.  

  1. Do you use your ranks in Toughness when calculating this or the Toughness total (Rating + Resilience)?  I am assuming it ranks but want to validate.
  2. If your Tenacity is negative, I assume that makes the challenge harder for you to pass, correct?


I have a couple questions around the Inscription feat from the Into the Steam book which allows you to add two magia and/or immunutos into a single grimoire in his possession.

  1. Can you take this feat multiple times?
  2. If you lose/give away the grimoire that you add spells into, can you then add two to another grimoire?


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1. Yes, you use your ranks, so it would be Tenacity Aspect + Toughness Ranks, and you would need to get a 10 or higher.

2. Yes.


1. No. You could homebrew this to allow characters to do so, but note that giving that many new Magia and Immuto to a character can quickly ratchet their power level up quite a bit.

2. No. There are talents that do that, but they're Dabbler Specific (Mastered Magia and Mastered Immuto).

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