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Magic Questions

James Mason

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Hi folks.

I'm about to run my first game, specifically the "In the Gutter" one-shot. Some magical questions spring to mind, particulary in reference to

the pre-gen character Sonoma Icho....

1) to cast a spell the character adds Aspect + Skill, correct? So for her Mind Control she uses Charm + Necromancy, I assume.

If that is the case, what about her second Magia, Elemental Weapon (from Enchanting). She doesn't have the Enchanting skill.

Does that mean a) she can cast it, but only uses her Aspect (Cunning) to do so or b, she can't cast it at all, and should have been given the Enchanting skill instead of the

Sorcery skill (which she has no Magia for) - i.e. it's an error in the pregen character.

2) Can characters use multiple different Immuto on the same Magia, e.g. Focus Object and Poison together?

3) regarding Focus Object, and a character still cast a spell without the object and forgo the TN reduction? Or are they unable to cast spells at all without said object?

Thanks in advance folks.

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1) Correct.  If a character doesn't have a Skill for a Duel, they can still take the check using the appropriate Aspect, but they won't be able to cheat fate.

I can't say whether or not it was an error, but it would seem to be.  Either way, if she has an Enchanting Magia and no Sorcery Magia, I would probably just switch the skill over to Enchanting.

2) Yes, and certain Immuto (like Poison) can be taken more than once for additional effects.

3) Unless the spell must be cast as presented (Into the Steam discusses this, I think, when talking about Grimoires, and I know the idea has been addressed in the FAQ), any Immuto may be applied freely or avoided all together.  Focus Object is also handy for item-specific Manifested Powers, which is another way that the Immuto would be mandatory.

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