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Hello fellow Resurrectionists,

I recently picked up Molly and am obviously in need of an education. Yes, I have listened to S&S. I dont have any of the asian based spirits yet. This makes me want to go horror. 

Heres the hiring pool:

Nico, Seamus, McMourning, Molly boxes






dead doxy

crooked man


carrion effigy

night terror

My first attempts at a base crew looks like:

Molly; Tear of the Gorgon, Forgotten Life

Madame Sybelle ; Corpse Bloat

Philip and the Nanny

Crooligan, Carrion Effigy

That ends up being 30 points. Is this a good base? What synergies might I exploit with my models?

Thanks for your time and your opinions!

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Ill post more later, as I'm a little pressed for time, but initially I'd recommend this:

Drop Tear of the Gorgon: I find it just tends to end up giving Molly Terror and for 3 stones and an upgrade slot that is just WAY too expensive.

Find room for Take Back the night. Molly eats cards like they are the most delicate ad delicious of sweets, yet never fills her up. Take back the night tends to be somewhat of a balm to this.

find space for a synergistic beat stick. If you want to get attention off Molly, and have some benefit from take back the night you need a horror that is scary enough they want to attack it and not Molly. For Horrors that tends to be killjoy or a rogue necromancy.

include Yin. She's amazing with Molly and sybelle.

drop corpse bloat from sybelle. Sybelle is amazing for Molly, but there is no synergy with gaining corpses, Sybelle can't heal, and Molly makes better use of it than sybelle does.

i personally wouldn't include emissary unless you are leveraging its abilities somehow. He requires careful positioning in a Molly crew so that he isn't pecked to death with your own black blood, and he isn't a horror or a spirit so... I feel there is some play with him with Molly taking manical laughter to create black blood bomb/tarpits. Be aware that he's another card hungry model (you need a 7+ to get the pillars working) in a crew of hungry for card models.

ive posted extensive on spirit Molly so you can easily find those posts. You can also find some good combos with search fu like the turn 1 anywhere on the board killjoy bomb.

welcome to Molly.

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Thanks Fetid, I know I'll need to get RN and Killjoy soon. That may be a 2-3 months out :(. And as I tend to get atleast 1 game a week in, theres going to be a beatstick hole in my crew for good amount of games.

I totally forgot about Take Back the Night. Would it be good on Philip? He got kinda glossed over on S&S. Where does he usually play on the board?

I thought corpse bloat as a way to use the corpse markers. Had I a RN, I'd just take Spare Parts. Considering my plan with Philip is to clean up enemy markers, I figure an enemy model would likely be within 3" for Unforgiving Strench.

I don't have an Emissary painted up yet. I have the Effigy. I figure he's a good include as a quick scheme marker for Philip's card cycle turn 1 and gives Molly a little more healing.

If I add Yin and Bete to my core crew, that gives me a full cache. I know it depends on strats etc., but is going that heavy enforcer/henchmen a good idea with her? Or should I be looking at more minions.

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Really depends. I don't tend to like bête much outside Tara crews. I tend to find she essentially locks your hand down more requiring you save a 10+ to always make sure she can come back, and as mentioned Molly devours cards. That's my personal opinion, but others really like her.

the effigy isn't a terribly include with molly as he does give you something to do with corpse markers. I've not been especially happy with his performance, and again not a spirit or horror, so positioning is a tricky dance, but Molly is one of the only masters I see good use for him in.

Ive tried corpse bloat for the exact reason you mention, I never got it working quite right but I feel there is something there, I just don't think it's very good on sybelle with her 2ap and her 0s you want to be using to move Molly or combo with yin for a model lock down. Molly tends to be who I think it works best on.

if you are keeping Philip in the list you might want to consider adding a doxy. She can use take the lead I him to move herself and Philip around and still drop 1 or 2 scheme markers a turn for Philip to burn for cards, or send him wheeling after enemy scheme runners that get too close.

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It would seem that way doesn't it. It's a simple concept, and it can be done at times, but often you need a model to be in a particular location and another model is already there, and in a normal crew, no big deal. But Molly is a bit different. Basically the more you need your crew to dance around it's own mechanics the less actual control you have over your game plan. It's actually a little bit worse in some ways than a Nephilim crew because in that instance you know every model that has black blood and they might not operate near each other. Molly gives out her black blood in an aura to all applicable models, and while that's good, that means there is going to be a bubble around Molly that every applicable model is going to have Black Blood. And the instant you have to start carefully positioning models in that bubble so they can support each other, but not destroy each other with their own mechanics, that's the moment you will start to potentially lose control of the game. "Oh Look my dead rider is getting overwhelmed, well I'll just move up and summon a punk... well hmmm, I need to summon it so it can reach the enemy, but not so it is so close to the rider that they can get free damage on the rider by plinking the zombie. I could put him here, but that leaves a charge lane open for the enemy to exploit, if I put him here that closes off the egress of the rider once this thing is dealt with..."

Basically it is totally possible to play around it, but it adds a lot of positioning complexity to your own models, and your opponent is already going to be throwing difficult decisions on where to place your own models, so you have to work extra hard to achieve results you could have avoided just by bringing synergistic models.

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