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Tear of the Gorgon


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Do people take this upgrade? I've been taking it regularly with Molly and it continually results in her just keeping up her Terrifying (12) because I nearly always use a (0) action for a free (1) action on a friendly spirit, and I often would rather stone+summon with a 9+ than spend a stone and that card on a reactivation. Tear being 3ss, I don't think that price is nearly worth it just for Terr(12). I've been toying with using the Grave Spirit or a Night Terror for an extra early game activation and some tankiness/scheme denial instead. What do you guys think?

My usual list is tweaked from:

Molly, Forgotten Path, Tear, 6 Cache

Emissary, Carrion Upgrade

Sybelle, Bleeder Lash

Datsue Ba, Spirit Whispers



Crooked Man

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When I was first toying with Molly I used tear a lot, but I've stopped taking it on her for the reasons you mentioned. For me the extra action from one of her limiteds is always used, which means generally its other use is to get terror or reactivate. The reactivate is very clutch when it goes off, but I've, in general, tended to find exactly like you that I'm not willing to spend the upgrade slot, 3 stones, and a mid high card and a stone to reactivate a minion model. Especially because about 60% of the time when I use the reactivate that model gets targeted and dies before they can take advantage of te reactivate. The only times I do tend to get it to work is when I reactivate a minion that has already gone before Molly goes and thus, if close enough, can take advantage of her companion.

Don't get me wrong, it can be very powerful when it works, but the cost is just too high considering all the other factors that go Into using it. It also has some synergy with terrible knowledge, but again it just becomes too expensive in my opinion so now I rarely bother with it. In general I find all of Molly's personal upgrades except for her limited ones lacking and generally not worth taking, so my standard load out on her tends to be one limited, and take back the night, and that's all.

As for the graveyard spirt, he's der rigour in any spirit Molly list I make, and outside of having him operate outside the general vicinity of the rest of the crew, he's a non starter in horror Molly builds because he'll just get picked apart due to black blood splashes.

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I love it  but I tend to run a flesh construct with molly having terrifying on her tends to burn my opponents hand giving him reactivate  quite regularly especially teamed with a grave yard spirit and his 0 action.

The extra reactivate can come in quite handy early in the game i f mollys not in range to summon but becomes less usefull later on.

cost wise maybe not the best but it works very well with my play style and i wouldnt leave home with out it       

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That's a build I'm toying with. The problem is that it makes the emissary a lynch pin. The zombies are only horrors as long as it's alive and within 10" and LoS. Not weighing in yet on it as I'm still fooling Aroibd with it, but I tend to dislike lynch pin builds, especially when that model is already a massive target.

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