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Just because ... 2/11/16

Nathan Caroland

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8 minutes ago, Nathan Caroland said:

True, but they are all in tooling, so you can't bellyache about that much longer. :)

You are maybe being overly optimistic about how much bellyaching we can do and how many different things we can muster the energy to bellyache about, Mr Caroland.

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... and here I am happy that I'm currently saving up some money for the easter sale. As someone who collects Arcanists AND 10T next to my Gremlins.

Sure I'm missing out on the Warrabbit, but the Rooster Riders are silly as is... :D

Since I enjoyed the Carver encounter these are cool, having them as Izamu the Armor and Blessed of December these are nice!

Guess I start Ressers and Yan lo now... >.>

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I dig the rabbit, although it looks more like a Neverborn than a Beast.

The tortoise, though, is just ridiculous, and not in a good Gremlin kind of way. It's a good sculpt, don't get me wrong... but I like Malifaux as a dark humour/horror game. Not a children cartoon.

I'm also baffled by the amount of LE minis Wyrd have in their production line while the regular models are nowhere to be seen. I guess those special sales with the LE minis encouraging big spenders are very successful still. Still, Wave 4 testing is in the pipeline while there is 1 box of Wave 3 and still Wave 2 stuff missing.... and all the while, alternative sculpts are being released for stuff we already have. Baffling.

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