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Painting Night-time Bases?


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Hey guys, I've done up a bunch of nice cobblestone bases for my Hamelin crew, and I was thinking of painting them up to look as if the characters are wandering around the streets at night. Problem is, having never done anything of the sort before I have no idea how I should go about it. In fact, I don't really know how I should go about painting the models themselves to look like they're in darkness - other than picking tones a few shades darker than I normally would.

Any suggestions? :)

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I have found it easier and more effective to go for a 'moonlit' style rather than total darkness when going for a night theme. If you think about what you see at night, it is not so much that everything has darker tones (since your eyes compensate for the darkness) as it is that everything is more monochrome.  To achieve that I tried using dark grey/blue undertones and smooth highlights up to very light grey/blue.  I used other colours too, but try to have some blue in them all so it looks as though the light source is cold.  

When I tried just using darker tones without this effect i found the results a bit disappointing and the detail hard to distinguish from a distance. The moonlight effect was subtle but I quite liked it. Good luck!

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On 17/03/2016 at 4:04 AM, LunarSol said:

In general, its just about the base being dark.  What really sells "nighttime" in general is super dark shadows on the model itself.

Maybe this is a daft question, but how exactly does one deepen the shadows on one's model without ruining the effect? This is coming from someone who has only recently discovered zenith lighting. :(

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