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Malifaux Campaign - Skirmish at Five Corners - Langley BC Canada


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The battle of Five Corners is a multi-week gang fight in the streets of Malifaux where each faction and crew is vying for dominance over critical trade route through the Slums of Malifaux. Each crew will need to establish and build their hideout, while raiding the new hideouts of other factions and defending their own.

Starting ss Lv: 45ss
Must Buy:
  Henchman to lead crew,
  Deed to hideout (10ss)


Mechanics being used:
  Hideout special rules
  Injury special rules will not be used


The campaign will be held at Game Stars in Langley BC Canada  http://gamestars.ca/

and further information can be found on the Malifaux BC Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/MalifauxBC/




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