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arcanist rasputina

Luca 2.0

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hey all, i'm going to build rasputina's crew.

i'm thinking about this:


rasputina, cold nights

essence of power

snowstorm, imbued energies

blessed, imbued energies

2x accolyte of december

ice gamin

silent one

Before you say the list depends about scheme and strategy... what do you think about it? which models i should consider and in which build around her?

3ss for her are a bad idea?

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13 minutes ago, Luca 2.0 said:


Looks like a nice all round list for her, but you really want one of her limiteds, so I would try to find place for Armor of December by dropping the imbued energies in the snowstorm. It helps her get out of trouble, something snowstorm can do as well, but now you'll have two ways to get her out of combat, which is great.
Also I would switch the essence for the wendigo. Wendigo is great for pillars and scheme running, oh and gremlin eating. The essence kind of needs you to stone a lot and have shattered heart for it to be super effective I believe. Not sure though, could be effective since it helps the silent one as well but i would really recommend the wendigo which can do so much more stuff.


13 minutes ago, Luca 2.0 said:

3ss cache

It's a bit low yeah. Stoning for suits and cards can be really nice.

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