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Bits needed

Fetid Strumpet

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Would anyone have any spare or un-needed bits? Specifically I'm looking for both right handed and left handed Peacebringer pistols (the ones with the Scthye blades as part of the gun), though if necessary I can make due with a right handed one only. One of my conversion projects has been caught in planning stages for months due to lack of these bits specifically, and I'd actually like to get it going and finish it for the February contest. Smaller feminine sized ones are preferable, such as those Santana wields, but again I'm not fussy as no bits pack seems to have them, and I really don't want to buy an entire minion pack of Death Marshals for a single bit.

I have items available for trade or a monetary price could be negotiated.

Conversely if anyone has any good suggestions on how to create them, I'd be all ears. I've tried a few things on my own and nothing looked satisfactory, but better modelers than I am might have better ideas.

Thank you for your time.

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