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San Francisco Bay Area, "Git Y'er Bro" on 27 February 2016, Game Kastle Fremont


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"Git Y'er Bro"

A 70ss Gaining Ground Team tournament.

Schedule & Information:

When: 27 February 2016. Saturday. Registration begins at 10:30AM. Tournament starts at 11:00AM
Where: Game Kastle Fremont, 3911 Washington Blvd., Fremont, CA

Entry Fee: $10/team


general rules

·        The rules presented in the Malifaux 2.0 book

·        The most recent Errata and FAQs

·        The M2E 2016 Gaining Ground Tournament Document

·        With the following changes/additions superseding rules presented in the 2016 Gaining Ground Tournament Document

o   All models must be fully painted (3 color standard) and based with the following exceptions: Any non-grey plastics produced by Wyrd.

o   Proxies are allowed at this event for models that are not available readily in the new plastics before 27 FEBRUARY 2016. The Official cards must be used. No photocopies/prints allowed. All proxies MUST BE approved by the Tournament Organizer BEFORE 27 FEBRUARY 2016. NO PROXIES WILL BE APPROVED AFTER 27 FEBRUARY 2016. When planning your proxy, think to yourself: “If I put this model in front of someone who plays Malifaux often would they know what it represents without me saying anything?” If so, it will likely be approved. If not, it will likely not be approved. Send photos of your proxy to yoritomojiriki@hotmail.com for approval.

o   You must have the latest official print stat card for each model, including proxy models. For Errata models that have not made it into the Wave 2 Arsenal Decks, this means a printout of the Errata Cards from the Download Section of the Wyrd website. The only exception to this are the models found in the Wave 3 Shifting Loyalties book. The tournament organizer will not be able to provide printouts. So don’t leave home without them.

o   If illegal units or rules violations are found in the player’s list, at a minimum, the models in violation will be removed from all subsequent play. Tournament points may be deducted and award eligibility may be forfeited.

basic rules

·        Round Time Limit: 150 minute time limit, including 15 minutes for crew selection and setup.

·        Strategies will be revealed one week before the tournament, on 20 FEBRUARY 2016 on the Malifaux @ Game Kastle Facebook page and on the Wyrd Forum.

·        Schemes will be revealed on the tournament tracking sheet on the day of the tournament, 27 FEBRUARY 2016.

·        Each player on a team will select only 1 (ONE) Scheme, for a total of 2 (TWO) for the team. Each player on a team must select a different scheme from the pool. When selecting the Scheme, if the scheme targets an opposing crew or model, the player must make a note of which opposing crew/model the player is performing the Scheme against.  Teammates MAY COMPLETE each other’s Schemes.

·        Game Size: 70 Stones (35 stones per player).

·        Crew Construction: Single Faction. Each player in a team must have a crew led by a different Master. At the start of the tournament, the team will sign up with a specific faction and follow the Hiring restrictions for that faction as normal to hire their crews.

o   Model Rarity is handled on a team basis. Example: If your Masters are Lady Justice and Perdita, and would like to hire Executioners with Rare 2, both of your crews can contain 1 (one) Executioner or one player can hire 2 (two) Executioners.

o   Upgrade Rarity is handled on a team basis. Example: If your Masters are Somer and Ophelia, and would like to use the Dirty Cheater Upgrade with Rare 2, both of your crews can contain 1 (one) Dirty Cheater upgrade or one player can use 2 (tw0) Dirty Cheater Upgrades.

o   After constructing your crew, hand your character cards and upgrades to one of your opponents to check math.

special rules

·        Each player will control his own 35 stone crew. He/She will have his own control deck and his/her own pool of Soulstones to work with. Teammates’ models are considered friendly for all instances other than Chain Activation.

·        Initiative: Each turn, each team will nominate one player to flip initiative for their team. That player uses his/her own control deck and soulstones pull for the flip. Only his/her model can affect their flip or their opponents flip.

o   Example: Team A (Lady Justice and Perdita) are playing against Team B (Lilith and Pandora). Team A selects Lady Justice to flip initiative. Team B selects Lilith. Lilith has a Doppleganger in her crew, so Lilith will be able to cheat Team B’s Initiative Flip (from Lilith’s hand not Pandora’s) before soulstones spent to re-flip the Initiative Flip. If Team B selects Pandora, Team B will not be able to use Lilith’s Doppleganger to Cheat Initiative.

·        Model Activation Sequence: After Initiative is flipped, the winning team selects one team member to be the first player and the other player to be the third player. The opposing team then selects which player will be the second player and which player will be the fourth player. The turn then begins with the players activating in the order selected above. This order remains the same through the entire game turn. When a player has run out of models to activate, see Player Elimination and Activation Sequence below.

o   Example: Team A has won Initiative. The Lady Justice player chooses to take the 1st player card; the Perdita player is then left with the 3rd player card. The Lilith player then takes the 2nd player card leaving the Pandora player with the 4th player card. The Lady Justice player will then activate his first model, followed by the Lilith player, then to Perdita and finally Pandora. This order will remain the same for the entire game turn.

·        Player Elimination and Activation Sequence: In the event that one player is eliminated from the game or has less models than his/her teammate, his/her teammate then gains the option to activate on either or both of the activation phases.

o   Example: Continuing with the example above, let’s say The Pandora player has been eliminated from the game. Team B had won initiative this round so the Lilith player can now choose to activate her models on either the 1st player or 3rd player turn or both. The Lilith player must activate on at least one of those player’s turn, but she can choose to activate on both if the Lilith player has un-activated models to do so.


o   Domination Format: Tournament Points/Differential/Victory Points.



Additional Information:
A Facebook event post has been created for this tournament and can be found here: Malifaux @ Game Kastle: Git Y'er Bro If you can, indicate if you are "Going" or "Interested" in order to help us better prepare for you.

If you have any questions, please PM me here or Facebook.
Thank you and I hope to see you there! :)

Other San Francisco Bay Area Events:


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