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Need Advice for Tournament Leve/Viks


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So I've got a tournament coming up soon and need some help building my crew lists. The tournament is using the Gaining Grounds 2016 list so the SnS are new to me. Here are the SnS for the tournament:

Round 1:

Strategy - Interference 

Schemes - Convict Labor, Exhaust Their Forces, Take Prisoner, Undercover Entourage, Occupy Their Turf

Round 2:

Strategy - Squatter's Rights

Schemes - Convict Labor, Undercover Entourage, Hunting Party, Frame for Murder, Show of Force

Round 3:

Strategy - Headhunter

Schemes - Convict Labor, Neutralize the Leader, Leave Your Mark, Undercover Breakthrough (not sure which scheme, must be a typo on their post), Hunting Party

I currently only own Leveticus and The Viktorias as my masters and would like to make good competitive tournament crew lists for these schemes. Here are the models I already own:

Viktoria of Ashes, Viktoria of Blood, Student of Conflict, Taelor, 3x Ronin, Vanessa, Hans

Leveticus, 3x Hollow Waifs, Rusty Alyce, 4x Abominations, Hodgepodge Effigy, Ryle, Joss, Desolation Engine

With all that said, what would you all recommend for crew lists based on the SnS? Are there any models that I should be looking at getting? Any schemes I should be picking or avoiding?

Thanks in advance!

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New Zealand Battlecry? If so each scheme can only be used once in the tournament.

I've been puzzling over them too. I'm probably going to go Viktorias, Von Schill, and Misaki myself, at least if I can get them painted, otherwise only Von Schill.

Some of the schemes seem pretty straightforward. Place three scheme markers two inches from the centreline and each other, then just ensure no opponent's model comes near them, or load up a bunch of enforcers with cheap upgrades and then stand on the centreline. Others are a bit more tricky.

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Well my Viks and Von Schill are painted. Von Schill is going to team up with Rusty Alyce, as From the Aether works very nicely with Engage at Will, and her ability to produce Abominations in melee is handy. When I want to kill things I'll throw in the Viks and may take my Desolation Engine as a hire rather than a summon. Alyce is basically my default henchman in Outcasts. She's a useful toolbox model.

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