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crossroads 7 outcast version


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So I got jack daw and decided to get the crossroads 7 cause tormented, and I was wondering if anyone has tried running the crossroads 7 as an outcast crew and waht upgrades work well with them? Or if anyone has any guides to the crossroads 7 as a crew in general since the wiki does not have much in that regard.

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Those are nice cheap upgrades that add a lot to a crew that is entirely Mercenary and Tormented.

I'd put Writhing Torment on Envy. With the 50mm base he provides the best chance of keeping LOS to the rest of the team, and of course being the only Henchman Wrath gets I Pay Better.

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Writhing Torment is pretty much the best, and while Envy can be a suitable target for it, I've learned to shuffle it around depending on the board and my opponent - a savvy foe will do their best to get rid of it asap. I Pay Better is good, but due to the diverse nature of the 7 and the fact you can find a use for every suit it might be detractory to actually accomplishing what you need to do with your control hand. 

As an alternative, the crew does have access to heals and Wrath is pretty squishy, so my second take is usually Survivalist.

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