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Painters Challenge 2016 - Rules and Interest


2016 Painting Challenge  

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Hi Everyone,

As there's been some interest in continuing the painter challenge set up by Jaxx23 last year, I thought I'd start the ball rolling and see how much interest there actually is.

I'm hapy to take score and keep track of how much everyone has done and suggest the following format:


  • Minion - paint between 1 and 5 stones a month.
  • Enforcer - paint between 5 and 10 stones a month.
  • Henchman - paint between 10 and 15 stones a month.
  • Master - paint between 15 and 30 stones a month.
  • (UPDATE) 04/02 Avatar - no limits, anything over 30 stones!

Declare which category you with to enter when you sign up.  You can drop down during the year, but not up - so be ambitious!


At the start of each month I (or anyone who gets tired of waiting for me to do it!) will start a new thread that will contain all the WIP photos and banter for that months entries.  Use these threads to chart your progress, offer feedback, ask questions and enjoy the journey!  At the end of the month, update the thread with a picture of what you have completed for the month with a stone total and I will add it to our tacking sheet.


As we all know, life gets in the way sometimes, and it's not always easy to live up to hobby commitments.  Everyone gets 2 mulligans - that is, on 2 separate months you can declare the use of a mulligan and your score will be 0 for the month.  You are allowed to carry over part finished models from one month to the next.

UPDATE 04/02

Ruling on stones value for Master models: Master models count as 15 stones worth.


I propose we start the next painting challenge in March.  This gives us time to round up a good group of painting enthusiasts and gives me time to set up a tracker and organise things.  If we dont get many sign-ups we can still run the thread, but I wont bother to get a tracking sheet together.

Please let me know your thoughts below and use the poll to register your interest.





Someone has asked about TTB models and terrain - I'm game for including these, but any thought on how to point cost them? RULING - no terrain, but TTB models can be submitted as a 'counts-as' eg.  Gunslinger, Witchling Handler etc...

Also, any ideas on how best to cost Master models?  I thought maybe count it as your submission for the month, so if you're on Minion level it counds as 5, Enforcer counts as 10 etc...  What do people think?  RULING - Masters to be counted as 15 ss.



Carrying-over partly painted models.  Sometimes we want to take some extra time and care on a large or favourite model.  If it takes you longer than a month to paint something, that's fine, but it will only count towards the month that you submit it in its finished glory.  Please try and finish painting something each month, but you can mulligan if you need to - remember though, you only get 2 'free' months!

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Still wondering what the categories actually do. :P E.g. if someone signs up for Master and only paints 10 SS a month, do they get disqualified or something? What if they paint more?

7 hours ago, Vaiuri said:

You are allowed to carry over part finished models from one month to the next.

Are you not normally allowed to do this? I pretty much always have something half finished at the end of the month.

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They don't really do anything but offer bragging rights to the people who actually see a pledge through to the end :)

I don't think it's helpful to DQ people, but if you don't keep up the pledge, you can't count yourself a Master level painter.


If you paint more, great! The idea is to get people painting, at whatever skill level.


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I'm down, I definitely have the models to paint! Sign me up for masters, I aim to get  at least 1 model finished/week so that should work out to about 15 SS/month.

EDIT: How are we counting masters in this? Or other models that cost 0 SS like Ikiryo or Shishin?

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4 hours ago, Bengt said:

After thinking about this a bit I've come to the conclusion that the suggested categories would seriously impair my productivity. So I'll be in the "No limits" category.

Perhaps call this 'Avatar'? :D

I'll update the first post with ideas for Masters (really like the 15 stone idea), but I think terrain will have to be excluded simply bacause I can't think of any way to grade it fairly - perhaps someone else wants to start a terrain challenge?

As for 0 stone models, I'm unsure.  I'm tempted to call them 5 stones as that seems like a fair amount for the amount of painting required.  I'll leave this point open to discussion.

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1 hour ago, Vaiuri said:

Perhaps call this 'Avatar'? :D

Well it's not only about painting more (which I would only do occasionally anyway) but also things like concentrating on one game at a time instead of painting a little for several games every month to hit a minimum. In addition to ~150 SS of unpainted Malifaux (and my eyes on ~100 more in the recent or announced releases) I still have a fair amount of unpainted DZC I want to get done this year and I did a Commodore pledge for DFC so I'll get a sizeable pile of space ships to paint in the summer.

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Well, I'd better sign up for this, or I'll never hear the end of it every weekend for the next year..... :P


I'll go with Enforcer - should be enough to let me knock out 1 or 2 models a month whilst also fiddling around with Batman and 40k painting projects

(I've spent about 2 years religiously painting just Malifaux, my brain can't take it anymore, I need different projects!)

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