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Daffcon Doubles - 10th April


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As part of the innovative Daffcon event I am running a 3 round doubles event on Sunday 10th April. This will use a shared Fate Deck & SS pool and welcome pre-arranged pairings and individuals willing to pair up at the event.

Sign-up is via the Daffcon website, but do post here if you are playing, or have any questions.

Rulespack; https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12083335/Rules%20Pack%20-%20Daffcon%20Doubles%20-%20Apr16.pdf

There will be some prize support from KR Multicase.

Known Pairs

Team Henry (Joel & son)

Munchkins (Paul & Morgan)

Dom's Sugar Daddies (Luke & Aidan)

Full Retard (Frisch & Blomkaal)

Smashie and Nicey (Ben & Martin)

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41 minutes ago, Clousseau said:

Looks like I have now!

Currently just have numbers not names

will check my records too see if we actually signed up, I was prevaricating given Morgan has limited game experience, when discussed it was deemed (by Morgan) not to be an issue.


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