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Snowdown - 28th Feb TTN


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Just a quick reminder about Winter Showdown coming to a Wayland near (possibly nearish) to you on 28th Feb.

Basic details are its a 3 game 50ss fixed faction event which will be based on (but not religiously following) GG2016.  Results of course will be submitted to the rankings

Know quite a few folks are planning on coming to this which will be nice to see.

Tickets available at http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/module/eventsmanager/Events?event_id=443#.Vl9WO3bhCUk

Any questions just fire away

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·       Up to date list of players booked up so far:

  Rory Carter

·         Vaughan Langton

·         Stuart snares

·         Ross baker

·         Troy Ashdown

·         Joel Henry

·         Peter shepherd

·         Aldous gash

·         Jack Fraser

·         Jamie broadhurst

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 Tickets have been disabled from the website, however you can still get them on the day.  We should be open from 9:30 tomorrow, so if you haven't got a ticket yet you can arrive early to help with pairings etc... 


The following players are pre-registered.

1.  Rory Carter

2.  Vaughan Langton

3.  Stuart Snares

4.  Ross Baker

5.  Troy Ashdown

6.  Joel Henry

7.  Peter shepherd

8.  Aldous gash

9.  Jack Fraser

10.     Jamie Broadhurst

11.     Claire Hearn

12.     Rich Bream

13.     Marcus Rose

14.     Graham Bursnell

15.     Alexandro Zaramella

16.     Adam Lake

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Another good day down at Wayland. 7th may not seem a great position to finish in, but I'm happy with that, with a draw, a loss and a win to finish. Thanks to Barry, Marcus and Jack for close, fun games. Really pleased to take an award for the best painted crew - judged on theme as much as anything else I understand.

Smoothly organised by OldManMyke as usual, with Lee keeping us in order.

My only other comment was what about a prize pool? With 18 players, surely there should be something a bit more then some nice glass trophies. Any comment Dan?


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