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[Glen Burnie, MD] Maryland Malifaux Masters


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Maryland Masters of Malifaux Regional Tournament
Malifaux 50SS tournament
Saturday, February 13th, 2016  11:00am - 9:00pm
Tournament Organizer: Matt Stanley (malifauxmatt@gmail.com)

Games and Stuff is defending their title of the Maryland Masters of Malifaux!

* 3 rounds, 50 soulstones, fixed faction
* Gaining Grounds 2016 will be used. The latest document can be found here:
* Registration will open at 11:00am. Round 1 will start at 12:00pm.
  * Rounds will be 2 hours with an additional 15 minutes for setup.
  * There will be a 15 minute break between rounds.
  * There will be a 1 hour meal break between round 2 and round 3.
* Entry fee is $10.00

Prize support is a a moving target, but will include an official Wyrd tournament kit, a number of limited edition models and box sets, store gift cards and some generously donated prizes.

This event will also kick off the regular Malifaux Tournament Series at Games and Stuff!
* Every second Saturday (baring scheduling conflicts), Games and Stuff will host a 50SS M2E
* Each tournament will earn you rankings in the series.
* Every six months, the series will reset and prizes will be awarded for
  best overall, most improved player, etc.

--Masters of Malifaux Scoring--
Each player will register with a store/location team. The highest 3 scores
from each team will be averaged to determine the new Maryland Masters of
Malifaux. The winning team will take home the Maryland Masters of Malifaux
trophy to proudly display in their home location, will receive a bundle of
additional prize support for their club and will host the next tournament in
the series as they defend their title!

Games and Stuff
7385-G Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
(410) 863-7418


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