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Malifaux in Fredericton


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Apparently I put the announcement in my local groups, but not here.

Currently I'm looking at having a regular Malifaux night every Monday at Gamezilla Fredericton starting at 6pm. I'm usually there until 8pm if not doing a demo or game. Other options are Tuesday, and Thursday if either of those days would work more for players. So far its mostly just demos, open play, and hobby time but I organize other events with interest.

Easiest way to contact me outside of these forums would be on the Fredericton and Oromocto gaming groups



As always Gamezilla is located on 1211 Prospect Street.

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Monthly Malifaux Update

Didn't get a chance to toss one of these up last month due to other commitments, but Demos are still happening every Monday starting at 6pm. My Thursdays have also freed up so I will be attempting to offer demos on that night when not conflicting with Spartan night. I'm also looking at organizing a hobby/game day at both/either the Fredericton or Moncton location based on interest. I'm post additional info if/when those events happen.

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Monthly update with some new information

Demos are still happening every Thursday at Gamezilla Fredericton

Monday demos have been moved to Metagamez downtown at 98 Regent Street starting at 6pm.

A tournament is being planned for May 28th at Gamezilla Moncton. I'll create a seperate post for that when I get the details hammered out, but likely keeping it simple as a 50ss Gaining Grounds event.


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So quick updates for Malifaux this month. Right after posting my October update, event kits got restocked. I do have a kit on the way, but likely be an event for it until January. besides that it'll just be sporadic demos and pickup games. I will have my stuff at Extra-life in Fredericton this weekend for anyone up for a game.

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