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Large Arachnid?????


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Hi. Never used or even thought about using the large arachnid, am I missing out on something. Seems like it wants to be in the thick of the action but takes forever to get there. For the s/s cost there are better options. 

What are your thoughts?


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It's creates a bunch of scrap for Mei, while also being a great rail walk model itself. It's got an impressive severe damage of 6, which is incredible when paired with Ironsides hand picked men and also has a great trigger that eliminates armour - another big weakness of Ironsides. It has a burning trigger, and it's ability to eat scheme markers pairs well with Kaeris. It's defence trigger works great with Ramos' ability to give positives to defence flips and obviously its a construct.

It's not highly specialized like some other models but overall it's just a great all round model for it's cost.   

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Thanks for the responses. Looks like Colette could be the Master to try the Large Arachnid out. Will be able to get straight into the fight with Disappearing act and then the + from the Scheme markers, sounds like fun

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