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April Fools 'Faux


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On April 2 I am hosting the 2nd Annual April Fools Malifaux Tournament.  Don't worry, no one is building your crew but you.  I have come up with other ways to amuse myself.  ;)

It will follow the GG2016 rules, but will not be ranked...

Table Top Games

46 North Main Street

Fall River, MA 02720

(508) 567-1620

$15 Entry Fee

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We had eleven people!  First round the April Fool was the first Joker flipped in the tournament became the other one for everyone for round 1.  Ed flipped the black joker, which became the red joker, so everyone had two red jokers in their decks!

Round two I had everyone create their crews and set up, then replaced the scheme pool for that round with another one...

Third round saw the low card win initiative.

Adam (Lawgiver) won

Noah (Archis) 2nd

John (MrSinister) 3rd

Thanks to everyone who came out and played.  You helped make my birthday weekend fantastic!

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Thanks for hosting such a great event.  It was a ton of fun, met a bunch of great people and had three great opponents.  I really liked the store a lot as well, it was my first visit!  I'm hoping to make it to your event in June, gotta sell it to the wife :)


Thanks again!



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