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Good crews for Dr. Dufresne/McMourning

The Warlock

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Hi all,

I've managed to get my hands on a Dr Dufresne in plastic due to a tournament  and I'd like to get ideas for both Guild and Ressers crews to go with her. Not too sure on the Ressers side of things but I'm considering using Dr Grimwell et al for the Guild side of things.

Any help would be massively appreciated as I never considered Ressers as a faction I'd want to field:blink:

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For Ressers key things you'll want are:

Sebastian, Nurses, Canine Remains, Flesh Construct (I've listed these together as they're all in the McMourning crew box)

Extra Flesh Constructs and Canine Remains (I have three and four total respectively)

Rafkin (hard to get now so may want to build a proxy from TTB)

Guild Autopsies (also not available but you could also make from TTB models or Guild Guard)

Necropunks (great scheme runners though some prefer Crooligans)


Other than these core models you'll want some of the key Resser models such as Chiaki, Valedictorian, Yin, Hanged, and Izamu.  Generally I don't go much outside the core of models listed above although the Valedictorian does make quite a lot of my lists.  Rogue Necromancy and Shikome also work well with McMourning because of their poison abilities (RN giving it out, Shikome getting (1)AP charges  against them) though with the stuff you need to get McMourning doing his thing you usually don't have a lot of points left over!

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