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preforming lucius


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has anyone tried performers with Lucius? Able to interact in a fight and scheme marker tricks are great for Lucius.

you could go for a wicked doll/lawyers to spam poison for the performers to pop

or go wladerguiest/pathfinders and uproot people for 2 damage and pull them next to a trap

a combo of the 2 uproot people and walk them next to a trap that snaps and poisons CUs of a wicked doll, aim for the attack trigger to poison more, then expunge

last small addition would be tannen to lower wk for better traps and hamper cheating for things like traps and seduction

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Performers are fantastic with Lucius. He drops a lot of random scheme markers near combat situations (with Lackeys) and getting some extra benefit out of that is great. They have an on-death effect, which Lucius always loves. Don't Mind Me is fantastic, and the Sip of Wine trigger can be surprisingly dangerous with a couple of Lawyers running around. They can also attack three times with poisoned hairpin (twice on their activation, once with Commanding Presence) and then be ordered to Siren's Call with the trigger to expunge it for a fairly reliable ~9+ damage.

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