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Unholy Beacon


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The Graverobber can count as Undead in addition to Living whenever they like via Macabre Infusions.  I think the interaction between Macabre Infusions and Unholy Beacon depends on how you read the rules.

  1. "If he wishes" is an instance by instance basis.  Ie, can choose to both benefit from one aura which benefits undead while also choosing not to suffer from an aura that hurts undead.  In this case the character can choose which undead-tagged abilities actually work, and thus wouldn't have to suffer Unholy Beacon.
  2. "If he wishes" is a universal on/off switch.  Ie, if you want to benefit from a good aura, then you also have to suffer from the bad aura.  If the character wants to count as undead, then has to be vulnerable to Unholy Beacon.  At this point we also hit a sub-conditional.
    1. While under control of Unholy Beacon the character can still choose to turn off Macabre Infusions, and thus lose beneficial undead status, but also be regain action control.
    2.  While under control of Unholy Beacon the character has absolutely no control over Macabre Infusions, and is thus indefinitely lost to mind-control.

I would personally run it as 2.1:  character treats Macabre Infusions as an on/off switch, but as it's not an AP-gated ability, can effectively shut off Unholy Beacons effects on them whenever they like.

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Ah, that's what the issue is.  I think originally I looked at that and assumed it was more 1.1, but it does seem like one of those things you'd want to set up as a slippery slope--by the time undead start treating you like undead, you probably end up susceptible to undead targeted abilities at reduced effects.

Thinking about it for a bit, now I'd be more tempted to go with 2.2, and make up an on-going challenge to break free (target number based on plot demands), if the character had been dipping into the undead effects a lot.  Personally, I'd do the same for any 'fate interested' undead characters that got snared by an unholy beacon, because "You win against the intelligent undead, it's your slave forever" is just boring.  The whole point of the intelligent undead is that they're not mindless slaves...  :mellow:

Otherwise, at worst on-going charm, not mind control.  The character's not "completely" undead, after all, so it shouldn't have the complete effect.


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