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2 ulix questions...


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How many piglets does he realistically need? I have this insane plan to literally make each pig unique and themed(So far Cloud Piglet, pirate piglet, geisha piglet, samurai piglet, green lantern piglet, you get the idea) So I was wondering how many I will have to work with.

second I was messing around trying to come up with a base ulix build and wondering if having both gracie and old major is overkill?

So far I have

Ulix with husbandry



old major with cornhusks and quality mash liquor

two slop haulers

and a wild boar.


I figured a standard strategy would be to use the wild boar as an early game harrasser while ulix does his best nicodem impression.

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1-2 boxes is probably good for piglets, however, the first thing you want to summon turn 1 is a War Pig. After turn 1 depending on what your opponent is playing/doing you might need to do other things besides summoning.

If you're dead set on just summoning as many piglets for the lolz as you can then I would recommend a pigapult to put them to good use.

Also summoning piglets hurts the pig so a better target than old major (who you need healthy/alive for corn husks) is probably Gracie. Old Major with corn husks will be a target priority for your opponent once they have played against Ulix. You can keep Ulix and Slop Haulers nearby for healing, but makes you susceptible to blasts and pulses which leads to...get Merris.

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I generally think you should hire at least two, probably three piglets if you're going to be summoning with Ulix, just so you can have 'em drop scheme markers as a (0) from corn husks, activate as usual and your first activation with Ulix is War Pig, Piglet, Piglet., for an extra 17 stones of goodness.

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2 hours ago, Kofibrake said:

and why would you bring Gracie without the Saddle? Ulix goes down like nobody's business unless you can protect him or run him out of the way.


Saddle is ok, but in an ulix crew I don't often have many gremlins, and Ulix himself can already hitch a ride. Dirty Cheater is my go to on Gracie, helps to keep her trucking and makes her (0) useful during her second activation (you won't get any use from reactivate, but you can still take the action - just cheat with a junk card for 1 healing).

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