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BiteFaux - Chessington - Saturday 2nd of April - 50ss Fixed Master


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Hello one and all, 

after attending a number of events in the last 18 months Zac (local Henchman) and me are looking at running our very first event. We have a cracking venue and we'd love it if as many of you as possible fancy a trip down the bottom of the M25.

Rulespack can be found here https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ep01xt06zclt5s/BiteFaux%20-%20tourney%20pack.pdf?dl=0

The cost of the event is £10 and payments can be sent to Walstowk@yahoo.com . Please send this as a gift. 

Prizes to be determined a little closer to the event. 

EDIT: Prizes

1st, 2nd, 3rd. Last Place. Best Painted (Master). 

We are also running a few raffles prizes that you will be able to win a few nice prizes. Tickets will be given for different things throughout the day and other things like donation of scenery, best in faction, good sports etc etc.

Any questions please ask me or Zac who uses twitter more @zacgoldenhall


1. Nick Featherstone

2. Bill Malcolm

3. Sean Wheeliker

4. Russell Shea

5. Ben Sime

6. John Burgess

7. Andy Bradshaw

8. Conor McNama

9. Chris Packham

10. Dave Brown

11. Tobias Dracup

12. Jamie Varney 

13. Matt Lewin

14. Shaunie Paxton 

15. Lukas Rozanski 

16. Tom Thorpe 

17. George Hollingdale

18. Wayne Smith 

19. A J Barr

20. Marcus Rose

21. Ross Baker

22. Richard Keeling

23. Conor Rooney

24. Phillipa Tickner

25. Jon Hill

26. Jan Proudley

27. Mark Elwood

28. Paul Butler

29. Tom Payne

30. Matt Cole - reserved

31. Andy Scrimshaw 

32. Tim Brown


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16 hours ago, Furious Filth said:

Well up for this event. How do we get payment to you. 

Must hook up soon for a game, got to remember how to play my 10T's

Howdy, if you can send payment as per the first post, that would be fab. Always up for a game, just say the when and where....

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