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Shifting Loyalties Campaign in Garden City Michigan


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Hello all! Pandemonium Games of Garden City Michigan will be having a Shifting Loyalties campaign that starts 1/21/16 and runs for 8 weeks. Totally free to enter with a few prizes throughout and at the end for folks. Everyone is busting out their new Xmas gifts for the new year ready to watch them be merciless murdered by other Malifolks.


In this campaign, we will be using the following special rules:


Extra Scrip (for faster wackiness)

Stay Dead (so watch it!)

The Good Doctor (so you can evade death)

Cut 'em Up for Parts (for the ruthless)


We meet up every Thursday around 5pm but games can be played anytime during the week, just lemme know who all played and how it went. Weekly events will occur from Thursday through the following Wednesday.


Hope to see some new folks there!

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