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[ITALY] Carnival Tournament in Occhiobello - Jester King 2016


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Hi all!

On sunday, february 21st there will be a big Carnival Tournament at Avalon Games, Via Eridania 21, Occhiobello (RO) ITALY.

Time to wear masks and do lethal tricks!


50ss - Fixed Faction

9:00 – enrolling players
9:30 – 1st round pairings
9:45 – start first encounter
11:45 – end first encounter
12:00 – lunch break
13:30 – 2nd round pairings
13:45 – start second encounter
15:45 – end second encounter
16:00 – 3rd round pairings
16:15 – start third encounter
18:15 – end third encounter
18:30 – awards and farewell

Cost: 10€


Gaining Grounds format
Player must bring their own models (painting not mandatory), original model cards and all necessary props (markers, tapes, sleeves etc.)
Proxy: 2 models max, not-Master

Prizes for: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place, Last Place, Best Painted Model, "Jester King 2016"

"The Jester King"
During the tournament, players will challenge each other trying to gain the most "Prank Points" possible.
Only one crew model, chosen by the owning player, will receive a Jester Upgrade and be able to interact weirdly with opponent models and gaming elements.

At the end of each encounter, the player who collected the most Prank Points will earn 1 extra PV.

At the end of tournament, the player who collected the most Prank Points total will receive a prize and the title of "Jester King 2016".


See you soon! :D

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