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Tallghost's Neverborn Thread


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After painting up the Starter set, I had so much fun with the Neverborn, I decided to go out and buy a box crew. Plus, this way, if I or anyone I would be playing with want's to do more than just the starter, we'll have a few models to use. I picked Lilith, because she seemed pretty iconic, and I felt like she would fit well "themeaticly" with the guys from the starter. was it a good choice game wise?

I duuno. haven't played with them yet.

Were they fun to paint?

Hells yeah. And a great step up from the starter set, since they were only slightly more difficult to build than the basic difficulty of Angel Eye and pals. 

So here's a group shot:



One of the Lady herself, and her totem (everyone in my RGP who has seen the totem like it the best out of all the crew. They love the way the wings are used as a standing point for the model. Good job, Wyrd)


The Tots (these are my personal favorite. I love the anger on their faces, and they were fun to paint)


And last, but not least, Barbaros. I'm thinking of going back and redoing his weapon, as I realize it should be a war club, and not some spikey sword from a forge.)


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Thanks! the bases are actually from a silicone stamp set made by Happy Seppuku. they have a bunch of different patterns. I'm going to be adding some wasteland style grass clumps to give them a little more flair, but I was so excited to have finished the whole crew that I hurried up and posted the pics. 

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