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Guild constructs - Steel or brass?


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Mine were painted for me quick and simple with brass and copper metallic and a medium red for any accents (and I will admit it, more than a few parts staying black because the primer was black). It has been good since most of the other constructs other people have they painted with steel colors, and there is no doubt which models belong to which side. It has not been good since there is enough black left over that I have no idea which ones the paint job is actually done on and which are the ones I am just playing with until more paint goes onto them.

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I got the Hoffman crew a while back too, and had the same dilemma. I'm still kind of in love with the idea of brass, but I decided on a dirty, rusty steel look. Mostly because I knew how it would look, it would stand apart from my dark brown bases, and it would be fast and easy to paint. I'm a slow painter, so that last part is a pretty important point for me. Not only because I'd like to finish stuff, but also because I've fallen into the 'get everything'-trap, and after having played Malifaux for only a couple of months, I now have this Hoffman Guild crew, a well-fleshed Rasputina crew, an Ophelia crew, and I also just bought a Shenlong crew too.


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