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Coastal Assault 2016 Emerald Coast Convention Center Ft.Walton, Fl.


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Coastal Assault 2016 Table top Convention Jan 29th-30th

Friday Night: Enforcer's Ball 7:30-?

JAN 29th fri night: Enforcers ball- free for all, the model must be on the table at all times(nothing may begin buried or be summoned ex. Bete noire, coryphee duet, or ashes and dust.2. A model may not become something else after it dies ex. Desolation engine summons 2 abominations when dies, or forgotten marshal summons "x" when it dies. 3. No proxies. 
4. A hand will consist of 4 cards. 5. No upgrades.

JAN 30th Sat: 10:00a.m.-? 30SS Henchman Battle 

Painted models not required but recommended. All schemes,strategies, and deployment zones are preset. 3 matches. Highest overall vp's wins. Tie breaker fight will be settled via sudden death match. Fixed faction. Awards for 1st,2nd, and 3rd. And The Governor's Model citizen award as well.  Good luck to all. 

See you all at the Emerald Coast Convention Center in Ft. Walton Fl.

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