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Doppleganger: skin or towel?


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I'll try one last time asking something here, as the section seems fuckin' dead...

Anyhow, just wanted to know what others think about what the Doppleganger is handling: a towel, or her own skin?
The picture on the box seems to suggest it's her own skin, but well... I don't know how this could render if I'll paint her all the same color. Maybe deciding it's a towel could be better, to have some different color on the model?

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7 hours ago, Ryin said:

I painted it more like a sheer sheet. Not a thick towel, but more like a see through bed sheet, where you can see the skin through it but it has a different color so it's clearly not skin.

If I had that kind of skill I might have tried that ;) 

7 hours ago, Myyrä said:

Plastic Doppelganger is folding her own skin. Metal one actually has a sheet.

For clarity I might add that I have the metal one.

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I thought the point of the Doppleganger was that, skin or a sheet (or a sheet of skin), that's not the doppleganger's skin.  Or, at least, not originally the doppleganger's skin.  ;)

Or is it time to get into the anatomy discussion concerning the structures on the model's torso and what it should have there if it were a human with its skin removed?  I'm not sure what the correct representation for the lobes with the removed skin covering would be, or whether the doppleganger would be particular interested in accurate human anatomy on that level. 

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Fun thing about this model is that it doesn't really matter if it's painted as skin or as fabric :) With fabric she has the allure of a naked woman barely hiding behind the cloth, and then surprises her victim with her flayed back. With skin she's just downright nasty from the beginning ^^

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