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Breaching the Faux 2016 - Portland OR Apr 30&May 1 - Story Event


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www.breachingthefaux.com is back!

only 40 spaces and they're filling up fast!

Guardian Games in Portland, OR

50ss games in a themed story encounter.

Annually we've gotten a custom fate deck done, and this year is no different!


Here is a small teaser for the deck.


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Breaching the faux is nearly sold out! 36 paid spots, I've taken down the payment button, if you want to come you need to be emailed a payment button.  Contact me at veskit@gmail.com!  

We're negotiating with the game store to expand, but no guarantees!


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Everyone gets the custom deck! It's our signature!

Also we've got expanded space!  We're able to do 50 very comfortably and if demand is there we could go as high as 70!:huh:

Please email veskit@gmail.com if you want to request the ticket purchase link!

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It was a lot of fun! Thanks for organizing. And I got a shiny new Guilder and Fate Deck.

I won 4 of 5 games but all of my opponents made it tough and the most I scored wsa 8VP on one game. I imagine I will be firmly in the middle somewhere. Kinda glad I only had to face Killjoy once though :P

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