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January Community Contest Discussion


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Posted an idea I had discussed last year in AWP Facebook group. I even have stats and crew planned out for him. Play tested a bit but didn't get a chance to flesh it out anymore than I already had. It is, of course a tribute to HG Wells and the science fiction that Malifaux is built on to begin with.

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Not easy to pick out what to write about, but oh well. Lady Rattlebags it is!

On a sidenote, Kaptain_Konrad, I wouldn't use the name Konrad Kurze in a contest. It's a name Games Workshop uses for one of the primarchs of one of their legions, The Night Lords. Would be awkward if you won and it became official, and Wyrd has a character with pretty much the same name as Games Workshop. Just my two cents. 

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So my idea grew out of a TTB character I made up. He's grown into a master with a knife wielding totem and a full crew. They're based on pretty much every Victorian explorer there's been. Excited now, It's great reading everyone elses stories. I wouldn't want to be the one who chooses. Also he has a thing for hats, why not? Hats are great!

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Forgot to mention hats
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Just on first glance, I'd think that Konrad Curze, being a prominent character in another franchise, may require more of a name change than swapping the C for a K.

For myself, I will be submitting Colonel Jefferson Barlow Aries once I can distill him to a few paragraphs. I hope you folks will take a peek at the bits I've written for him, from back in the earlier days of v1. :)


EDIT: And I just noticed this was for last year. lol

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