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Starting Ten Thunders


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So I began the game playing Ramos and was quickly drawn to Ten Thunders.


I've purchased the rail crew and the yan-lo box

In addition to that I got izuma, yin, toshiro and zako.


I guess i'm posting really to get advice on direction?


There is a tournament i'd like to attend at the end of this month and can't decide if declaring Arcanist (one faction only) and playing the Feng hopscotch list would work best or if i could manage some victories with the ancestors?



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Those ancestors should do just fine, though I'd add a box of Komainu if you can manage to get/borrow them for some cheap units (which your lineup could use). You might be lacking a bit in the mobility-aspect for now, but it'll probably work well enough. I don't know how much arcanist stuff you have but if it's just Ramos and Mei's boxes you can probably be equally versatile in TT.

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Any idea of the Strats and Schemes?

I really like Mr. Graves for some movement tricks and muscle, but if you are into the Thunders, picking up a Shen Long box for Sensei Yu will happen eventually...  His pushes and handing out fast can really help speed up the slower ancestor crew.  There's nothing like popping that Recalled Training to charge Izamu into your opponent's master with 4 AP...  Yu can also copy Instill Youth, making Yan Lo's crew that much more survivable.

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Toshiro will work well with both crews. I would recommend Komainu for him to summon, Mei to Railwalk to, and Ancestors to buff. Sadly I haven't used either Masters, and Arcanists is my 'Filth' faction that I hate and let others play so I can't add terribly much else.

Perhaps Ten Thunders will let you be more versatile, as from what I read Ramos tends to prefer a smaller range of Strats than Yan Lo who is more of a generalist.

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