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Suggestions for a Resilient Dreamer


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How do people make Dreamer crews more resilient in games with strats like Reckoning or where Make Them Suffer is in play? Choice of models, different upgrades, or both?

I came up with a tentative list, if people could maybe give me some feedback please? (This would be me trying to minimize model count while making use of limited model selection - I have the Hide and Seek box, a box of Madnesses, the Starter Set, Widow Weaver, Waldgeists, and a single proxied Stitched Together.)

-- 40SS Dreamer Crew --

The Dreamer
- Restless Dreams, 1SS
- On Wings of Darkness, 1SS
- Aether Conections, 1SS
Lord Chompy Bits
Stitched Together, 6SS
Coppelius, 8SS
- The Mimic's Blessing, 1SS
Bloodwretch, 5SS
Bloodwretch, 5SS
Waldgeist, 6SS

Soulstones: 40

Pool: 7


I'm thinking that depending on the opponent in a Reckoning game, I might play a delaying strategy - go all Defensive with the Waldgeist to block off a 4" area and use the Stitched to shunt off damage.


While I like Teddy, I don't see him as being very resilient and I'm not sure about my ability to use Daydreams in a strat where even Peons could cost me points. I settled on 2 Bloodwretches who, with Fast from The Dreamer, could get the same number of attacks between the two of them as well as be manipulated by Dreamer since they're minions.


I went with Aether Connections to minimize damage, and Wings of Darkness for card flow.  I'm new to The Dreamer, but it seemed like a good combo. I'm trying to put together a list where survivability is good and marked-dropping scheme options are minimal.


Feedback or suggestions on how people play the Dreamer in close-up games or attrition-type schemes would be appreciated. I might add that I'm playing Chompy Dreamer due to my limited model selection and also only having 2 low-SS games as The Dreamer under my belt.



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I just think you are going to have a hard time with that specific pool and the Dreamer. Everything but Waldgiests are on the squishy side and can easily be focused down. Your best strategy is going to be in your placement. Set yourself up for the alpha strike and remove the hardest hitting models as soon as possible. Bloodwretches, Angel Eyes, and Coppelius are good for this. Coppelius can heal after he's gotten some eye balls, so use him to pick off scheme runners for the first few turns until he's tanky. Geists are great to slow things down, just be aware of models that ignore armor. Teddies work well when you have a widow weaver near by to make Terrifying harder to get past. Best suggestion overall for killy schemes is to get Illuminated and/or Nekima. They can wipe the board pretty handily.

Overall, Neverborn are not about resilience. We hit hard, punish our opponent for being out of place and then fall over to a stiff breeze. We can't trade blows with the tough guys out there and live to see the day. Kill first, or don't be there is the NB motto.

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I'd probably take Tantrum over Wings of Darkness for more shooty-Chompiness, this type of strategy is where Chompy-Dreamer excels over the Summoning version. You could make up the soulstone elsewhere but I'd say you could get away with 6.

The Widow Weaver might be an alternative to Coppelius if you're planning on turtling up. His healing does work wonders with The Dreamer/Stitched, but it's harder to plan around than Weaver camping in the backfield, debuffing things for you to Paralyze. She's also a Henchman which makes Make Them Suffer a bit easier, but means you might want to make up that soulstone if you do take Tantrum.

I'd say the main thing you'll need to watch out for is over-extending with the Dreamer in any event. His biggest asset is being able to drop Chompy somewhere ridiculous to isolate and kill something, but he can get so far ahead of everyone that it's easy to strand him.

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I hadn't planned on turtling up, per se, I had planned on using the Waldgeist as a semi-barrier up front for the rest of the crew to tactically retreat from.

From there, I was hoping to circle around the outskirts of the board using cover with strikes of opportunity assisted by pushes/Fast from Dreamer.


I'd considered Tantrum to allow for faster Dreamer/LCB swaps, but I thought being able to stone to lessen damage and/or draw more cards each turn would be more useful playing defensively.

The foreseeable trouble with taking both is that I have two upgrades (plus the game itself) competing for soulstones.


I've only played using The Dreamer twice now, but everybody always posts about how he's mostly a support master and not really designed for leading combat-heavy crews.


I'm kinda not really sure what to expect, as Reckoning or any killy schemes (Make Them Suffer or Assassinate, etc) aren't ones I've ever played with any master. I especially don't know how to approach them with Dreamer.

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I see Stitched Together being a little bit tricky with reckoning and make them suffer.  They do hand out some serious damage, but they do also go down easily if you're not sure you're gonna win.  Wings of Darkness helps a little here, but there's also the factor of their wounds.  If one is to focus on LCB (especially with Tantrum), The Dreamer's waking condition will be too high to heal them.  Focusing on one of your other smaller models after taking down a Stitched at its HtK before it reactivates (possibly to be healed by The Dreamer but not) is a board state I would try to engineer as an opponent.  Reckoning points can be pretty difficult to get, barring spamming blasts, even more so at lower stones, as it's a positioning dance of keeping your own models in place to take out two of their models while denying them the opportunity to do the same back; then there are schemes.  Stitched are high risk, high reward models, especially here; they can be absolutely brutally amazing, and they will take some resources to maintain.

Reckoning can tend to favor bigger, hard-hitting models often with some resilience, and I like self healing.  They're coming at you with the Howard Langstons, Izamus, Taelors, and Ryles of the world.  They're trying to table you at the sustained rate of 2 models each turn.  These guys hit hard, and they don't pick take prisoner.

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I was thinking a valid strategy would be to try and avoid the enemy entirely, or at most leave a model as bait (if Frame for Murder happens to be a scheme, for example) while the rest of the crew keeps moving to accomplish other schemes or pick off enemy frontliners/scheme runners.


Does this list have mobility, or should I be putting Dreaming Wings on maybe Coppelius to help the non-Incorporeal models to move over scenery?

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