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Recruitment Drive recommended number of players


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Im thinking of start a new game session of TTB, playing Recruitment Drive for first time. As a Fatemaster, by how many Fated should this adventure by runned? Im not sure If I will stay just with the pregenerated since will be a game via forum and maybe I will continue after this adventure with another, having a sort of Campaing and I prefer tha players having more freedom in the building of their characters.

(*) Any advice in the forum-roleplaying will be welcome, I have played before in forums (as a master and as a player) but this will be mi first TTB in forums.

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Three or four characters should probably be fine, and five might cut it. Beyond that, I think you might start to see some diminishing returns.


The main trick with forum-based games is just working out how you're going to handle the deck situation between the communal fate deck and the twist decks of the players.

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Thanks Mason. I probably will just flips all the cards in a way that fits the actions that write the players. I have several decks so I think that will have no problem doing that.

I can also coment on an spoiler coment the cards that each player has in their current hand and the flips they made, in order to have a more mechanic explanation of what´s happening and allowing the players to select exactly the cards they use but not distracting them from the rol. Something like



Mark attacks with the sword and flips a 4m.

Tom. 3c, 12t, 5t

Mark. 4m, 10c, 4r

Liz. 3r,6c,8m



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