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Sue In Arcanists?


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Hey all, so after discovering Sue and having my inner Johnny Cash fan fall in love, I'm absolutely planning on picking up the new model when it comes out.  Is the Man In Black any good in Arcanists?  He sounds like his Ring of Fire could work nicely in a Kaeris crew but I'm not sure when else bringing his pistols is better than an Acolyte slowing and burning enemy cards.

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I haven't had Sue on the table since early in beta. That said I can see him in Kaeris, but I'd be more inclined to try him in Colette. Those pistols should be great with prompt (as is everything), plus used correctly his support effects could be of use.

Really tempted to try a Showgirls and the Band with Sue and Envy. May not be the most efficient list in the world but should be fun. :) 

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I hadn't thought about Colette and Ironsides, I'm glad to hear there's some synergy there too!  Summoning a Fire or Ice Gamin with the Mech Rider expecting it to die, and telling it to Tread The Line sounds like a nice combo.  Get an extra activation from the model and if it dies it does 2 damage (or 1 and Burning) and drops a Scheme Marker anyway.

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I have used Sue quite a bit in Arcanist, with all three masters I play (Colette, Ramos, and Mei Feng). He does wonderful in all of them (I've also used him in all 7 Outcast and Neverborn crews I play...he's a damn crutch for me). 

Colette makes Sue shine with prompts to help get him in position and to take extra actions (as she does anyone really).

Ramos has no special benefit, but if I hear I'm facing Ressers or Arcanist (My opponent was a Resser during my Ramos games) then Sue is a go-to model with his ability to destroy scrap & corpse markers and his immunity to terror. 

Mei Feng - Aside from the above, he has Ring of Fire to potentially hand out burning +2 (+3 on the book trigger), but I really prefer his 3" anti-cast aura (similar to her vent steam). It can be used to double up her own protection if he's close to her, or it can be used to help protect a 2nd location of friendly models (or just himself), while she covers a different location with Vent Steam. 

Add to that he's Hard to Kill and can Sac a point of life per turn to give you one extra card draw (especially useful if you have some form of healing in the crew to offset his Hurt ability) and he is a wonderful toolbox model that I can't recommend enough.

I made a post about Sue on the facebook page awhile back. I just find myself using him, or finding a reason to include him, in just about every crew I make.


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I've played him in Ironsides and he works pretty well there, I need to try it out some more to get a better feel but the idea of using him to protect Ironsides and The Captain on the way in and using their pulls to bring models into his ring of Fire seems to work pretty well at least for me.

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