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"Obvious" Magic Issue/Question


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So I'm doing some preliminary reading on TtB before pitching it to my rpg group, and have run into several questions and my search fu is too weak to come up with the answers elsewhere on the forums... and this is probably obvious in the book and I just missed it.

My big (root) question - do friendlies have to resist spells?  Are all spells resisted by default?

Examples - let's say I make a Graverobber with Physical Enhancement and Mind Control in my Grimoire. 

I cast Physical Enhancement (which is always a buff) targeting myself - what is the actual effective TV?  Is it the TN of the spell, since I don't want to resist?  Or is it my Df+11, since I'm targeting a non fatemaster character and am treated as a Master rank character? 

What if I target another Fated?

Side Question - is there any reason you can't have this up constantly, if no one is looking during your once per hour buff session?

As above, if I want to duplicate Obey shenanigans with Mind Control and pass AP to an Ally - unlike the above, I can envision MC being an attack easily - can they choose to just let it effect them and gain an AP?  Or do I need to hit their Wp+11?

Spells that "allow" Relenting seem to spell it out specifically which makes me think it's not normally an option... but that makes buffs a bit weird in that it's easy to buff people who are not your allies...

Thanks for all help!


Edit - Aaaaand I've double posted like a moron. Great :(

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I don't have my book on me, so I don't know if the rule is already present, but you could mimic the skirmish game by allowing friendlies to relent to "attacks." Thus you don't have to beat their Df/Wp, and instead just beat the spell's TN.

For your additional bit about constantly keeping spells up via recasting: yeah, you can do that. Though you do need to watch out for the suspicions of Guild authorities and anyone who hates mages. That and people may get suspicious if you are always exceptional beyond the norm. Additionally some (especially Witch Hunters) may have ways to detect magical energy and spot you as magically augmented without seeing you cast the spell.

Food for thought...

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