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How are you dealing with Collodi?


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Against Collodi your primarly concern should be to get him out of his 6'' bubble in which he buffs his minions and/or getting in cc with him making him suffer, so mcmourning could be a good choice, pair him with a couple of dogs to give the Df malus. Remember that Collodi doesn't want to get in melee, he sends his minions such as the coryphee and bunraku.

For what concerns the brutal effigy(i don' t think he was playing the emissary brutal=guild) I don't see his ability to heal 1 after damagin an opponent that much relevant maybe if you wrote which pieces your collodi played we can have a better view and get you more specific advice

17 hours ago, LennyB said:

Played against him for the first time this weekend. I am think McMourning may be an option or Yan Lo. I played Kirai and struggled a bit since he took Brutal Em and had Collodi spread that around to all his friends. 

I don't think i helped that much but maybe you can get some ideas from what i wrote

BTW if you want to steal the scrap markers you can try putting in Toshiro with his summoning upgrade and get some komainus on the field and given that he can give fast to minions (punk zombies) it can be a good choice too

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Keep in mind that Collodi has an upgrade that says he may not be moved or pushed by enemy actions. You may have to take the bubble apart, rather than taking him out of it. He (probably should) may be bringing his own Lures as well, in the form of a Beckoner and Doppelganger (same price, copies Lure, bonus Ill Omens).

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I found matches work, I mean he is made of wood lol.

Find out which version is on the board, the pump up your crew or crew pumps me up.

The pump up your crew means that you need to kill him or separate his crew from him. Best way to do this is with a combat master because a lot of his triggers require it to be a non master target. Killing him can be difficult especially with his personal puppet. The few time I have played him I went this rout.

Crew pumps me up means you have to kill the puppets in his crew and probably best to get rid of his scrap.

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