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ama no zako questions.


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I was just wondering about ama no zako with outcasts in general and specifically jackdaw I was thinking about getting her and some crooked men as my first add on to jack daw.

the wiki says she works well with jack daw but not much in the way of specifics. So I was looking for peoples opinions on how well she works. And also anyones opinions with her in other outcast crews as well.

I know hanged and drowned are good with him but I figure wait and get them next month.

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A rough idea oy why Jack might like her is that she can generate an Aura of Hazardous terrain. Jack can increase her aura, and there are a couple of tormented models (drowned and Jakunna Ubumi) who work well with Hazardous.

She is also fairly fast and has a decent attack for Jack to copy at times. 

She is a resonable choice for for her points. She doesn't have a huge synergy with any particualr master, so most of what she does, will remain the same regardless of who you pick her with. 

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Ama is a good addition to any crew and I like her with Jackdaw.  You need to make her Tormented (I tend to use Jack to copy a Guilty's attack first turn as he probably won't take it again meaning you won't lose the Tormented characteristic).  Her Hazardous aura is nice (though be aware that unlike Jakuuna's aura it effects friendly models as well so you must be more careful with her) and with Creeping Terror this aura will be even bigger as already stated plus she also has a very nasty attack.  It is only Ml5 but Jack's ability to drain cards means that it can be more reliable to get off and the same goes for her Devour.  As Jack can hire Nurses you can combine well with Ama by having Nurses Paralyze models then Ama Devour them.  This is quite situational and can be a little card intensive though so don't count on it (though don't forget Ama can use SS to get the Tome (I think)) she needs for Devour to go off).  She also makes a decent scheme runner as Wk6 with Flight makes her pretty nippy and when combined with Oathkeeper she can really move!  Have Jack Obey her to take a walk then she can Discard Oathkeeper for an extra AP to Walk before Delivering a Message giving her a 14" (maybe 15" if the enemy Master has a 3" engagement) range to Deliver a Message and leaving the opposing Master engaged with the rather scary Ama No Zako.

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She's really good for all the above reasons. She can also speed up your own crew with her other (0) which has tonnes of utility. I like Scout the Field on her (after Oathkeeper) since the extra walk at the start of the game can set her up to do some schemes/strats very early and she can later discard it to make a surprise charge against someone behind a building. I Pay Better is another good option if you want to make the most of that damage spread but she'll often be out of position for your other mercs to benefit.

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